NFC and Optical Skin Patches

Ultra-lightweight, flexible and disposable skin patches no thicker than ordinary adhesive bandages are combined with Gentag NFC and optical wearable sensors to simplify diagnostics, fitness, diabetes monitoring, and drug delivery. Using proprietary ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), Gentag can custom design and license its wearable patch technology for a wide array of consumer or medical applications. These can be created to be entirely battery-free, i.e. passive, powered only by NFC.

Obtaining sensor information is as easy as applying a Gentag smart skin patch, then reading it with your NFC device or smartphone. It really is that simple.


A less invasive, more effective way to take temperature. Gentag’s low-cost, disposable fever patches can be used in body area networks to provide temperature readings without needing to disturb the patient. We are working with global industry leaders to advance the business of medical grade thermometry.

Pain-Free Diabetes Monitoring

The patented Gentag diabetes patch utilizes recent advances in micro-fabrication, permitting the accurate and pain-free measurement of glucose levels. NFC allows the creation of tiny battery-less glucose sensors that are wireless and can be placed anywhere, including under the skin.

Fitness Monitoring

Beyond monitoring activity levels and movement, noninvasive biosensors can also measure other indicators critical to evaluating, and improving, athletic performance. These include heart rate, temperature, hydration, sweat, blood sugar, lactic acid, electrolytes and other biomarkers.

Consumer Skin Care

Wearable sensors are ideal for monitoring environmental conditions such as UV exposure, and physiological conditions such as sweat and skin moisture levels. These sensors can then send information directly to your smartphone that would alert you if, for instance, you needed to reapply sunscreen.

Drug Delivery

Gentag’s NFC patch for drug delivery is capable of providing precise, timed dosing for a variety of medications. Our patented NFC lab-on-a-chip technology, where the smartphone acts as the controller, is both battery-less and disposable.