Environmental Genomics

Molecular Level Sensors

The detection of minuscule amounts of toxins, proteins, DNA or chemicals is increasingly possible using advanced nano-materials such as graphene. Gentag is working with some of the leaders in microelectronics and biosensors to develop printable cutting-edge molecular level sensors.

Our genome is constantly interacting with an ever-changing environment, and smartphones can now provide a new interface.

Modular Sensors for Phones

Gentag has a number of groundbreaking patents covering the uses of interchangeable, person-specific chemical sensor modules in cell phones for threat and allergen detection. Using a patented Gentag “reverse e-nose” technology, a mobile device can be trained to recognize the environmental factors that trigger asthma or an allergic reaction in a given individual, allowing the creation of truly personalized genomic devices.

Disposable NFC Immunoassays

Disposable immunoassays – diagnostic tests for proteins that correspond to specific allergens, infectious diseases, and even cancerous cells – can be combined with custom disposable NFC wireless chips to allow rapid, on-the-go testing using mobile devices. Gentag’s proprietary technology will enable the use of printable, battery-less wireless immunoassays that can be read directly with NFC devices.