Advanced Geolocation

Highly accurate, Radar Responsive Tags have been tested by the U.S. military for “Blue Force” tracking to avoid friendly fire.


Radar Responsive (RR) Tags were first developed at the U.S. National Laboratories for the Department of Defense. These small wireless chips can be read from miles away and provide exquisite geolocation capabilities, including for precise indoor geolocation.


Radar Responsive Tags, when combined with sensors in lightweight, noninvasive skin patches, have countless market opportunities, from tracking athletes at major sporting events, to geolocating medical equipment in large hospitals. Other applications include remote vital status monitoring and geolocation of Alzheimer’s patients, tracking firefighters in tall buildings, and monitoring small children. This technology can be entirely passive (battery-less). Gentag has extensive knowledge in the overlay of geolocation and sensors for environmental, medical and IoT market applications.